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The English language version is the original and the reference in case of dispute.






Adhesion, water spraying under high-pressure


Paints and enamels




This issue differs from issue 1 in that an alternative for when scribing shall be made has been included.

Furthermore, the manufacture of the spray nozzle has been specified, and the material for calibration has been changed. Handling after moisture exposure has been clarified.



1 Scope and field of application

1 应用范围和领域

This test method is used for assessing the adhesion between paint films and between paint film and substrate respectively. The method is intended to simulate the strain and load that the paint films are subjected to during high-pressure cleaning.


2 Apparatus and test object

2 装置和测试对象

- Test equipment of high-pressure type, brand NIFAB, model HTT-1, or equivalent test equipment

- 高压型测试设备,NIFAB牌、HTT-1型,或者其他等效测试设备

Water pressure:

min. 150 bar



Spraying distance:

0-150 mm



Sweeping frequency:

1 sweep/s



Water temperature:

50 ± 5 °C


50 ± 5

Spray nozzle:



No 2506 (flat jet 25°)

Spraying Systems



No 2506(扁平射流25°),由Spraying Systems Co.生产

Lance length:

300 ± 50 mm


300 ± 50 mm

Test piece holder withcentre hole, size of hole:

Æ 40 mm


Æ 40 mm

- Test object

  • 测试对象

a) Test panel 100 x 200 mm of the substrate in question, surface coated with the relevant paint system. A minimum of two panels shall be tested. A minimum of three crosses distributed between the two panels shall be tested.

a) 测试面板,100 x 200 mm(相关基材);表面涂有相关的涂料系统。至少测试块面板。至少测试分布于两块面板之间的道十字标记。

b) Test part of the relevant substrate, surface coated with the relevant paint system. In order to have significant results, test pieces should be taken from different areas on at least two test parts. A minimum of four crosses shall be tested for each part.

b) 测试零件(相关基材),表面涂有相关的涂料系统。为了获得显著性结果,至少应从两个测试零件上的不同区域采集试样。每个零件至少测试个十字标记。



- Scribing tool, edge width 0,5 mm and geometry according to VCS 1021,29.

  • 划线工具,边缘宽度0.5mm,几何结构依据VCS 1021,29

3 Preparation for test

3 测试准备

The test panels shall be conditioned in accordance with VCS 1021,19. Before testing the adhesion, an initial paint damage shall be made on the test object by scribing two 0,5 mm lines using a scribing tool. The scribed lines shall be made down to the substrate, at right angles to each other to create a cross, see fig. 1. The scribed lines shall extend outside the test area.

Each scribed line shall be approx 60 mm. A cross section of a scribed line is shown in fig. 2.

IMPORTANT – The edges of the scribed lines must be at right angles to the substrate.

应按照VCS 1021,19的要求对测试面板进行调节。测试粘附性前,应使用划线工具在测试对象上划两根0.5mm的线,作为初始涂料损坏。划线应向下划至基材,并相互垂直以生成一个十字图案,参见图1。划线应延伸至测试区域外。






5 % flaking / flagning


60 % flaking / flagning




Fig. 1 Principle layout / Principskiss


Fig. 2Cross section of sample with scribed line / Tvärsnitt av prov med rits



As the adhesion test is to be made after moistureexposure (wet adhesion), the test object shall first beexposed in a tropical cabinet in accordance withVCS 1027,33759 for the period specified in therequirement specification.

由于粘附性试验需在暴露于潮湿环境中之后进行(湿粘附性),测试对象应首先按照VCS 1027,33759的要求暴露于热带机柜中,暴露时间参照要求规格说明中的规定。

For metal substrates, the testing shall be performedimmediately after exposure, without any recovery. Inpractice, this means that the panels can be storedmaximum 60 min in a vessel filled with water of roomtemperature to keep them humid until testing. Theshortest possible time shall be aimed for.


As far as plastics substrates are concerned, they shall be stored for 1 h in a constant-temperature controlled cabinet at standard atmosphere (23 ± 2 °C, 50 ± 5 % RH) instead of storage in a water-filled vessel. This shall be done to allow the material to recover. The testing shall then take place within approx. 15 min.


The scribing shall be made prior to the moistureexposure. For metal with paint or other organicsurface coating, scribing can alternatively be madeafter moisture exposure. In the latter case, anagreement shall be made between test requester andtest responsible. The report shall state when thescribing was made.


4 Test procedure

4 测试程序

Place the test object in the test piece holder. Then fixthe test piece holder’s hole ( 40 mm) centrally abovethe initial damage. It is important that the scribedcross is correctly positioned in front of the jet, see fig.3. The following parameters apply; the nominal valuesare target values:

将测试对象放在试样固定器上。然后将试样固定器的孔(40 mm)固定在初始损坏中心上方。将划出的十字标记正确地放置在喷嘴的前方非常重要,参见图3。下列参数适用;标称值即为目标值:

The water jet shall sweep over the test surface(± 20 mm) with an angle of deflection of 5,6° fromthe nozzle tube’s centre of rotation(N.B. – No parallel displacement)


Distance between nozzle and test surface (90°):100 ± 3 mm

喷嘴和测试表面之间的距离(90°):100 ± 3 mm

Water pressure: 120 ± 3 bar

水压:120 ± 3 bar

Water flow: 15,0 ± 0,3 l/min

水流量:15.0± 0.3 l/min

Water temperature: 50 ± 5 °C

水温:50 ± 5

Number of sweeps during 30 s: 30 ± 2

30秒内的清扫次数:30 ± 2

Sweeping width: ± 20 mm (diameter of the testpiece holder’s centre hole)

清扫宽度:± 20 mm(试样固定器的中心孔的直径)

If the test panel temperature varies between thedifferent sprayings, the result can sometimes beinfluenced. Before spraying, the panel shall thereforebe of room temperature 18 - 28 °C. This applies toeach cross.



5 Assessment

5 评估

After completed test, the object shall be wiped dry and the extension of the paint damage shall be established. The test result shall be given in per cent flaked paint surface. 100 % is defined as the circular area (0 40 mm) centred on the scribed cross, see fig. 1, (1256 mm2) minus the scribed line area of 40 mm2.


The requirement shall be met for each scribed cross. Mean values for the entire part/panel shall NOT be calculated.


6 Report

6 报告

The test report shall include the following:


a) Type and designation of test material

a) 测试材料的类型和名称

b) Test result in per cent (for each test objectrespectively). Ranges can be given if the result is approved according to the requirement specification. The number of rejected samples shall be noted.

b) (每个测试对象对应的)测试结果,百分比。根据要求规格说明,如果批准了结果,则可以给出范围。应记录被拒绝的样品的数量。

c) Testing in accordance with VCS 1029,54719

c) 按照VCS 1029,54719的要求执行的测试

d) If scribing was performed before or after moisture exposure, if any

d) 划线在暴露于潮湿环境中之前还是之后执行(如有)。

7 Calibration

7 校准

Unless otherwise specified, calibration and inspection of the nozzle’s spray pattern shall be made with an interval of 90 days.


Calibration is performed by subjecting a test panel (approx. 100 x 200 mm) of low-density polyethylene as per STD 1211,05or equivalent material to high- pressure cleaning for 30 s without the use of a test piece holder. The nozzle must not oscillate. The following parameters apply:

校准的执行方法为:对低密度聚乙烯测试面板(约100 x 200 mm)(按照STD 1211,05)或者其他等效材料执行高压清洗30s,不使用试样固定器。喷嘴不得振动。下列参数适用:

Angle between nozzle and test surface: 90°


Distance between nozzle and test panel: 100 mm ± 3 mm

喷嘴和测试表面之间的距离:100 mm ± 3 mm

Water pressure: 120 bar ± 3 bar

水压:120 bar ± 3 bar

Water flow: 15,0 ± 0,3 l/min

水流量:15.0 ± 0.3 l/min

Water temperature: 50 ± 5 °C

水温:50 ± 5

The nozzle’s spray pattern is determined by measuring the length and width of the damage on the test panel caused by the spraying as well as checking its appearance.


To be approved, the spray pattern shall be continuous, have a length of 63,0 ± 5 mm and a width of min 3,0 mm, and it shall be contained between two parallel lines, 7,0 mm apart (see fig. 4).

待批准:喷射形式应连续,长度为63.0 ± 5 mm、宽度为3.0mm,并且其应处于两条间隔为7.0mm的平行线之间(参见图4)。


Fig. 3The cross mark shows schematically the position of the scribed lines cross damage in relation to the vertical flat jet.


Fig. 4 Damage from spray





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